The Office

One Arch, founded in 2012 by Djibraan Hossen, specializes in tropical modern architecture and heritage renovations works. Over the years, the company has well established itself with a rich portfolio of completed and ongoing projects in Mauritius, Madagascar, Zambia, Ivory Coast and Seychelles. We strive for a unique approach to each project, whether it is the renovation of an existing house or the master plan for a smart city project in Africa.


Our permanent staff consists of a team of senior and junior architects and professional draftsmen. We also have a continuous visiting staff of junior architects on training from prestigious universities. Many of us have won international awards and we all have combined international experience in the UK, Australia, Africa, Malaysia, Madagascar and Seychelles.

Our Services

Sketch up models are part of our daily design process as we believe that each idea must be tested thoroughly before being implemented. Sometimes we even explore concepts trough physical models, 3D printed models, VR and REVIT.


We have a rich list of completed projects, namely Property Developments, bespoke villas, commercial buildings, shop interiors, building renovations and others. We often get commissioned for interiors on our residential projects, as you will see in the portfolio because we explore materials differently, questioning their traditional use and laying them as pieces of art in our designs.